Still Sick…

And it looks like I’m not going to be baking bread for a long, long time, if ever.    I have what’s called “bile reflux.”  Which means I have massive amounts of bile leaking into my stomach.  Bile is extremely alkaline.  Gastric juices are extremely acidic.  This creates the usual reaction when alkaline and acid are mixed.

Supposedly the “best” diet for this fruits and veggies.  True to form (my digestive system has never been “normal”) fruits and most veggies are precisely what I can’t eat.  And grains, other than cooked oats, aren’t working either.

Yet to keep reading and commenting on what others write, I have to blog about something…

A few weeks ago there was a silly question on the TV game show called “Family Feud.”  The question was, “If dogs could blog, what would they blog about?”  The things my husband and I came up with were as silly as the question!

So what say you?  Shall I start a new blog, written from my dog’s point of view?  Our dogs (we have two) are our children, and are very different from each other.  Both are “found” dogs.  Daisy arrived at our door about 10 years ago.  She’s a devout hunter of rodents, is always alert, and very particular about sleeping under the covers of our bed.  Jack is definitely not a hunter — he likes to chase and be chased (something even the squirrels have figured out.)  It’s not at all unusual to see him being chased by a squirrel — or even a big rabbit.  Jack arrived when a man threw him out of a pickup truck, fortunately he was young enough to survive and not break any bones — Jack is now almost 3 years old, and tries to live within 1 foot of my husband at all times, unless he’s gotten a thorn in his paw, in which case he want me, and only me, to fix it.

So what do you say?  Shall I start another blog as a dog?

One thought on “Still Sick…

  1. Really sorry to hear about this newest diagnosis. Perhaps it’s a relief to have an answer, but it sounds like the search for healing goes on. Traditional Chinese medicine has quite a few remedies focused on reducing bile, but I suspect finding a qualified practitioner near you would be a challenge.

    Here’s my opinion on starting a new blog. Why not continue with Old Dough? You can change the focus all you want —- it’s your site! The information you have here is wonderful and useful, and continuing the blog will keep that available.

    You could add a little bit more to the About Me page, explaining that your focus has broadened beyond wild yeast and bread-making. Then write about whatever interests you! I think the name Old Dough works nicely as a metaphor for what captures our attention. We sort of ferment in ourselves the wild ideas, images, and emotions that float by from the world just beyond our noses.

    I started out writing pretty specifically about free range learning and I still address that topic from time to time, but the last few years I’ve written about mindfulness, animals, music, spirituality, community building, whatever.

    Just a thought.


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